About Tacga

The Thai Animation and Computer Graphic Association (TACGA)

 was founded in 2006 by the union of various animation and computer graphic businesses in Thailand. With approximately 100 members, TACGA is divided into five branches: television series, animation films, VFX (advertising), character and extension, and education. There are around 50 companies, 20 government and private organizations, and 30 educational institutions that support TACGA.

TACGA invites all animation and computer graphic businesses to become a member and join the effort to drive the digital content industry, leading it towards global market success.


TACGA is a legally recognized association supported by government agencies. The objectives of TACGA are:

  1. To secure funding for the animation and computer graphic industry, such as establishing a fund to promote animation and computer graphics.
  2. To advocate for the airing of cartoon programs on various TV channels.
  3. To showcase work, exhibitions, and marketing channels, both locally and internationally.
  4. To negotiate beneficial settlements for members in various matters.
  5. To share technology and knowledge with members and encourage networking.


TACGA has achieved several milestones, including participating in various events such as TAM, HK Filmart, Super Pitch, Character Fair, and more. TACGA is leading new members of every company towards their dreams together.